Who is welcome at Unseen Tattoo?

Everyone is welcome at Unseen Tattoo. Giac and the other artists are highly skilled in all styles, well traveled and respected and the quality of work and their professionalism speaks for itself. Even though our artists work mostly by pre-booked appointments, we still offer walk-in's when time permits. Our studio is open from 10am to 6pm Tuesday to Saturday. If you are local and would like to come and see the studio, talk to someone or just browse some artist portfolios before making a decision, then please be our guest. If you are out of state, our studio assistant is more than happy to answer any questions or queries by phone. You MUST be 18+ and have photo ID to get tattooed. 

How much does a tattoo cost?

We pride ourselves on the high quality of work that comes out of Unseen. Unfortunately a high cost does not always guarantee quality work but a low price will often represent a tattoo of the same worth. Tattoos are permanent and now with more laser treatment and cover-ups being done than ever before, we strongly suggest you think about the benefits of acquiring quality professional work. Pricing will depend on size, style, detail and colour and we happy to talk about your options or budget requirements if you have any. For small pieces, we have a studio minimum of $150.

Do I need to make an appointment to get tattooed or can I just walk in?

Even though our artists work mostly by pre-booked appointments, we still offer walk-in's when time permits. If we have time to do same-day tattoos, it will usually be small to medium in size with the design ready to go. If we can't tattoo you on the spot, there may be an artist who will have time later that day or the following to get you tattooed. If you are seeking larger work, we always start with an initial consultation prior to the date of the tattoo in order to fully establish design requirements, location, restrictions etc.

How can I make an appointment?

It’s easy. Give us a call or complete the Contact Form and our studio assistant will get back to you to as soon as possible about scheduling your consult or tattoo appointment. For all tattoo appointments we require a $100 deposit to secure your appointment and the payment can be made in store by cash or card or we can process it over the phone.

If I cancel my appointment or change my mind, can I get my deposit back? 

No. Deposits are non-refundable. If you can’t make your scheduled appointment we require at least 48 hours notice by phone, email or in person, or you will forfeit the deposit. If you don’t show up for your appointment, you forfeit the deposit. If you reschedule or cancel with more than 48 hours notice, we can roll the deposit over to a new appointment time. Please give us as much notice as possible if you need to reschedule or cancel. Please note that we do not accept cancellations by Facebook, Instagram, text or voice messages left on our phone outside of our business hours.

Is the studio and equipment safe?

Without a doubt. We provide an immaculate and sterile studio. Everyone at Unseen are certified and licensed to comply with Australian Tattooing Regulations. We only use single use, disposable needles and tubes which means that every set up is new for each client and discarded safely afterwards. The stations are cleaned and disinfected before opening and after every procedure throughout the day.

Will you tattoo my hands, neck or face?

As a general rule, we won’t tattoo your hands, neck or face unless you are already heavily tattooed. We respect your right to have any part of your body tattooed with whatever you want tattooed, and ask that you respect our right to choose what we tattoo and where. We will not do any tattoos that could be considered offensive to a particular race, culture, gender or any group of people, no exceptions. Our artists can at any time refuse to tattoo you at their own discretion. 

How should I prepare for my tattoo appointment?

It is a good idea to have some food before your appointment, also bringing a snack and a sugary drink for longer sessions is recommended. It is also appreciated if you shave the area you wish to be tattoo and come freshly showered and clean.

Can I bring a friend, kids or pets with me to my appointment?

You may bring a friend along with you on the day of your tattoo appointment, however we value our clients privacy and try to provide a relaxing experience for both our artists and clients getting tattooed and for that reason we do not allow anyone, but the person getting tattooed in the tattoo room. Due to health and safety requirements, no pets or children under the age of 16 years old are allowed in the studio.

What is the best payment method?

Unseen accepts both cash or card payments via eftpos.

Does Unseen do Vegan tattoos?

Yes, we can certainly accommodate your request for a vegan tattoo process, and in fact most of our ink and products used at the studio are vegan. Please select this option in your tattoo form on the day of your tattoo.

Does Unseen have Gift Vouchers?

Yes absolutely, gift vouchers are available at Unseen. You can choose your desired amount starting at a minimum of $50. They can be purchased in-store or over the phone. Please note that gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash, non-transferable, cannot be replaced if lost, and have an expiry of one year from the date of purchase.